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As a member of the Outdoor Media Association (OMA), QMS is part of the MFA endorsed industry audience measurement system – MOVE (Measurement of Outdoor Visibility and Exposure).

MOVE measures out-of-home environments including roadside, airports, bus/railway stations and concourses, bus/train/tram/light rail internal and external signs, as well as shopping centres with audience numbers updated monthly based on changes to signage.



Measuring advertising faces across Australia’s five major capital cities, MOVE allows members to combine specific sites around the country and understand the likelihood to see (LTS) of their campaigns across different demographics, locations and various duration.

With a team of expert MOVE operators internally, QMS can help you plan, optimise and report on your outdoor campaigns with all the information you need to give you great confidence in its delivery.




  • QMS locations reach 77.6% of Australian’s 14+ in just one week.
  • Our measured formats deliver over 135 million contacts every day.
  • In Melbourne alone, we reach 91.2% of people 14+ in a week or over 9 million contacts each day.

Monthly Users
On Average, 30 OOH Signs Seen Daily
No. of OOH Advertising Faces Measured
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