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Ensure Your Campaigns Are ALWAYS MEMORABLE!

With Australian’s spending more time out and about, making sure your campaign is memorable has never been more important.

Partnering with leading Neuroscience specialists Neuro-Insight, we now have a greater understanding into the unique characteristics of our digital billboard portfolio across the country.

As a result, our Neuro Creative Optimisation tool, can help ensure our clients’ creative achieves a greater neuro impact against their target audiences and is more memorable and ultimately more effective.

Let us show you how we can unlock and maximise the creative power of your next out-of-home campaign.

Neuro Creative Testing

Using Neuro-Insight’s Steady State Topography (SST) technology we can evaluate your creative in context and the creative variants that can impact the success of your campaign to determine the most effective version of your out-of-home ad – digital or static!

Creatives are embedded on QMS locations and environments within a typical consumer journey. These ads are then measured via long-term memory encoding, engagement and emotional intensity to ascertain the most effective form of creative.

Neuro-Insight’s unique market validated metrics are applied into a formula that measures the SUBCONSCIOUS IMPACT of your creative to deliver a standardised creative impact score.

This makes it easier to pinpoint the exact elements that will be the most effective in ensuring your creative will be more memorable.

“Using QMS’ Neuro Creative testing meant we could help inform the creative process from the beginning to ensure we maximised our investment into out-of-home to ensure we delivered the results.”

— John Harris, CMO, Ladbrokes

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